AC/DC – Partial Discharge Testing Rocks!

Discover how AC and DC PD measurements are performed to reliably assess insulation condition.

Partial discharge (PD) measurement and analysis are highly effective for assessing the condition of electrical insulation.

Most PD measurements have been typically performed under AC voltage to detect potential failure-causing insulation defects.

However, the shift towards decentralizing energy supplies and the growing number of solar power generation stations, remote offshore wind farms, electric vehicle charging stations, and HVDC power transmission systems have dramatically increased the development of DC power grids. This in turn has intensified the need for measuring PD under DC voltage as well.

In this episode, OMICRON PD measurement and analysis experts Bogdan Gorgan and Ulrike Broniecki discuss the importance of PD testing. They also highlight the differences between AC and DC PD testing as well as what you should consider when performing these tests. Lastly, they describe the tools available that make AC and DC PD measurement and analysis easier than before.

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“PD testing under AC or DC voltage is the best way to determine the source of a problem inside the insulation.”

- Ulrike Broniecki, PD Services Application Engineer


“The MPD 800 has a lot of tools that help engineers reliably suppress noise onsite during AC and DC PD testing.”

- Bogdan Gorgan, PD Services Application Engineer

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