Centralized Data Management – Achieving a Single Source of Truth

Improved data reliability, accessibility and usability for power grids, PAC systems and IED networks.

In today’s power systems, data is growing exponentially. Therefore, industry-specific data management solutions are becoming essential to enable better decision making for planning, organization, and execution.

The successful operation of expanding power grids, PAC systems and IED networks is based on how well their data management systems enable system operators to easily access consistent, up-to-date and traceable data.

Additional legal stipulations in the energy industry – such as documented evidence that a careful inspection of all system components has been performed – require system operators to implement secure and reliable data management technology.

In this episode, OMICRON data management experts Stefan Schöner and Will Scheibe describe the best practices for establishing a centralized data management system in power grids, how to develop a data management strategy and plan, as well as which data management system technology can be implemented to ensure the greatest efficiency, accessibility and reliability.

More information about our innovative solutions for centralized data management is available on the following page:

Maintenance Data Management


“The successful future of energy systems is built on data.”

- Stefan Schöner, Data Management Expert


“The most critical goal is to have highly reliable and traceable data.”

- Will Scheibe, Data Management Expert

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