Cybersecurity in the Power Grid – A 360° View | Part 8

Minimizing cybersecurity vulnerabilities at the hardware level.

Welcome to the 8th episode of our Energy Talks miniseries, Cybersecurity in the Power Grid, in which we provide a 360-degree view of how power grids can best safeguard their infrastructures from cyber attacks.

This episode investigates why, in addition to software, hardware devices must be secured against cyber threats.

OMICRON hardware developer Marcel Ströhle describes how hardware cybersecurity is crucial to overall system security because hardware devices are another potential attack vector that can be easily neglected. Through examples of actual hardware attacks, he highlights how important proper cybersecurity is for your hardware applications and offers tips to ensure it.

Marcel shares his experiences securing hardware devices and describes how he and his team have developed reliable and robust hardware technology, such as the MBX2 mobile test setused in OMICRON’s cybersecurity solutions.

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Learn more about OMICRON’s approach to cybersecurity in power grids.


In the larger picture of cybersecurity in the power grid, reliable hardware is important since your security concept depends on active surveillance, and the hardware device handling it needs to be secure and robust so it cannot be disabled by an attacker. Otherwise, you could be without any early warning or intrusion alerts and might not even have a trail to analyze after the fact.

Marcel Ströhle, Hardware Developer, OMICRON


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