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Webinar (Aufzeichnung)

IEC 61850 Data Model

OMICRON Academy Online
Webinar (Aufzeichnung)


Have you always wanted to learn more about the exciting world of the IEC 61850 Data Model? This webinar gives you an introduction to this topic and shows how data is being allocated in IEC 61850 devices. Learn about the Data Model concept in general and get an insight into the different levels of its hierarchical structure. Understand how equipment and functions from the “real world” are modeled in the world of IEC 61850.


  • Overview of the IEC 61850 Data Model
  • Get to know the hierarchical structure
  • Understand the Logical Node and Common Data Class concept
  • Experience and discover the Data Model of a real IED (Intelligent Electronic Device)


  • Introduction to the Data Model
    • Data Model Structure
    • IEC 61850-7-4 Logical Node Concept
    • IEC 61850-7-3 Common Data Classes
    • Practical aspects and benefits
  • Practical demonstration by means of the Data Model of an IEC 61850 IED


1:04 h


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Anyone who is interested in the Data Model aspect of IEC 61850 (part 7-3 and 7-4) will benefit from this course.


Basic background knowledge about IEC 61850 or the Webinar “Introduction to IEC 61850” (Wpuc01) recommended



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