Disconnectors and Joints Testing

Disconnectors allow to isolate sections of a station for inspection or maintenance work from the grid. The earth switch provides a proper connection to ground. Both types of breakers can be operated without current flowing only. Therefore, a circuit breaker or load switch needs to break the current flow in advance.

Due to wear and damage, disconnectors and any other joints can change to high resistance. The concerned parts can heat up when current flows and thus lead to failure. Stiff operators can endanger the proper operation of a substation over time, as disconnectors and earth switches just react unreliably to instructions from the control center which can affect the safety of the personnel.

With our test solutions, you can perform contact resistance tests and thus detect its status. Accordingly, further action, if necessary, can be derived. With our circuit breaker test system, it is also possible to detect the power consumption of the operating mechanism and the speed of the disconnector or switch and thus to assess its condition.

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