Partial Discharge Monitoring on Power Transformers

Dielectric flashover of transformer bushing and winding insulation is one of the most frequent causes of failure in power transformers. Insulation degradation in bushings and windings is influenced by various electrical, thermal, mechanical and environmental stress factors over many years in service.

If left undetected, defects in the insulation can lead to failure, causing bushings to explode, major internal faults and long outages for repair or even transformer replacement. To prevent this from happening, it is important to know the insulation condition of transformer bushings and windings over their entire service life.

Partial discharge (PD) activity is a reliable indicator of insulation condition in transformer bushings and windings, as it is often a sign of insulation defects that can potentially cause failure. That is why PD is an important diagnostic parameter used in the factory acceptance testing, commissioning and in-service testing of power transformers.

We offer you a convenient solution for on-line partial discharge measurement and temporary PD monitoring on power transformers. It can be safely and easily connected anytime to permanently-installed PD sensors while transformers are on line to prevent unnecessary downtime.

The advanced diagnosis features provide you with actionable data to enable you to reliably assess the risk of dielectric failure and to optimize your maintenance and investment planning based on asset condition.

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