Our Company

We make it easy for our customers to stay on track with the status of their electrical power system and assets. We do not stop at providing our customers with the necessary hardware. We see our customers as our partners and through sharing knowledge, we can grow together.

At OMICRON, we value diversity, trust and initiative. We believe that in order to find truly ingenious answers, it is necessary to step outside of the comfort zone – we thrive on these types of challenges. From our point of view, these are the key ingredients for achieving long-term success. We are an international team and we cherish our global orientation. We solve problems by bringing together the best available minds from around the world.

Or, to put it in more conventional terms: OMICRON is an international company providing innovative testing, diagnosis and monitoring solutions for electrical power systems. Our products and services allow a realistic and accurate assessment of the condition of power system assets. Our global network allows us to always remain close to our customers, and by offering a wide range of training and services, we actively share our knowledge and expertise with them on a regular basis.