1st Academy course

with CCI certification in Germany

When selecting its suppliers, the CCI insists on the comprehensive and hands-on preparation of participants for their daily work.

(Karlheinz Friebe, Head of CCI Academy)

With pleasure, Karlheinz Friebe, Leader of the Department "Akademie" of the Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) and Oliver Janke, Training Manager (Central Europe) for the OMICRON Academy, signed a common cooperation contract. 

It is valid for the upcoming Protective Relaying Technician Course in Germany and enables participants to obtain the desired CCI certification, which is highly regarded as a qualification in vocational training.

The roles are clearly defined: The CCI handles all registrations, checks the quality especially with regards to the practical relevance and supervises the final test. The OMICRON Academy provides the participants with all relevant knowledge and experience in 6 modules and prepares them for the test. 

The two partners share a similar standard and their main focus is to serve customers best with on-the-job training. The interest in the course is high and a great start for the cooperation.