Decentralized power generation
puts pressure on protection systems

In the future, the number of systems for decentralized energy production will continue to rise. This means that the significance and testing of specific protection technology will also increase.

(Marcus Stenner, Application Specialist)

The popularity of renewable energy is surging – but nobody wants to see enormous wind farms outside their front door. People are more willing to accept smaller units that are distributed around the region in greater numbers. However, the corresponding distribution and transport of energy over long distances makes it very complicated to feed power into the grid and leads to new challenges in protecting the grid and the systems.

In regard to the protection of supply networks and distributed energy resources (DER), each country is subject to different requirements. These are predominantly influenced by the various forms of networks as well as geographical conditions. Read the article “Mains Decoupling from a Global Perspective” to learn how network and system protection is realized and tested in an international comparison.

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