Cyber Security in
Power Utility Automation Systems


Protecting the power grid against cyber attacks requires a security strategy that takes hold on all levels. Such a security concept ranges from digital access management, physical access control and secure maintenance processes in substations to monitoring and detection of suspicious or unauthorized activity in the network. The requirements in the power system domain are different from those in the office IT environment. Since 2010 our experts for protection technology and IEC 61850 have been dealing with the topic of cyber security in power systems. It is our goal to share this knowledge with our customers.

Cyber Security in OMICRON Products

The Cyber Dilemma
How to include security in networked protection engineering

Protection engineering and IT – do they really belong together at all? Although their interaction is based on the same technology, there are vast differences between them when you actually look at the details. This poses great challenges to companies, especially when it comes to the topic of cyber security.

OMICRON's Cyber Security Solutions

Secure testing in IEC 61850 environments


StationGuard: Detecting Cyber Intrusions in Digital Substations

Multiple layers are necessary to ensure the cyber security of substations. Unfortunately, cryptography, firewalls or “air gaps” cannot prevent all types of attacks to a substation. Therefore, measures are needed to detect threats within the substation to enable a quick response and to minimize consequences. StationGuard, the Intrusion Detection System for IEC 61850 substations and the process bus, not only detects threats in these networks but also functional problems of the IEC 61850 communication and the devices. Further, it is almost immediately ready for operation and does not need a learning phase.

More about StationGuard

In the Depths of the SAS - Testing Station Automation Systems

StationScout, our system for efficient testing of your station automation, works like a firewall which guarantees a secure connection between the test PC and the station network. Read in this technical article how StationScout provides a clear overview of the entire system during commissioning, maintenance and operation. In addition, it tracks the signals through the entire system. At the same time, it considerably reduces the time required for testing the entire control system signalling with powerful simulation functions.


MBX1 Platform with Cyber Security Functionality

The dedicated hardware MBX1 ensures cyber-secure operation of test PCs within the communication network of substations. It is specially designed for digital substations and offers an extremely hardened platform with crypto chip, secured boot chain, encryption of all data and communication and a specially hardened operating system.


StationScout - Test Automation and Cyber Security

Testing automation, communication and SCADA takes as much time as testing protection - often more. StationScout simplifies all these tests, significantly reduces the effort required and separates the test PC from the station network working like a cyber-secure firewall.


Secure Management of Test and Equipment Data


No Strategy without Secure Data

Protection systems are essential resources of critical infrastructures. Regular inspections, as well as systematic maintenance and documentation, are therefore urgently required. Read in this article how the data management system ADMO supports these processes. With its help, not only are the requirements of the standards regarding cyber security met, utilities thus also create the basis for efficient and secure maintenance management.

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The Challenge of Asset Management

The implementation of adequate security systems that provide protection against cyber attacks and data loss is necessary and useful. Sometimes, however, they are associated with very cumbersome and restrictive bureaucratic traits that impede daily processes. Read how ADMO, the easy-to-use data and asset management tool that is tailored to the needs of protection auditors, provides valuable support in evaluating and protecting the data of all assets.


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