Working Together for a Secure OT-Network 
Fortinet and OMICRON


Fortinet and OMICRON combine their efforts to protect the power grid from cyberattacks. We offer collaborative solutions that meet all the requirements of the smart grid. They are equally useful and usable for both power engineers and IT security officers.   

Our partnership with Fortinet builds a bridge between IT and OT: Fortinet knows the current threat situation on the Internet, while OMICRON knows the threats to protection and control technology. Together, we enable customers to achieve an unprecedented level of security through cross-industry expertise.   


Other Practical Benefits of the Partnership


Compatibility of Fortinet and OMICRON solutions is guaranteed. Fortinet products are included in the development of in-house products from the very beginning.


The functionality of our products builds on each other. This facilitates mutual integration as well as data exchange. In the event of a security alert, decisions can be made faster and more accurately because detailed data is available more quickly.


Both manufacturers are responsible for our products and take care of the customer's needs. The turn-around time for customer reports will be short and issues can be resolved momentarily.

As a first joint project, we would like to present
the integration of StationGuard into FortiSIEM:

StationGuard detects threats and provides an overview of all devices in the network and their status (asset visibility). It is thus tailor-made for the energy sector. By combining our solution with FortiSIEM, all alarms from StationGuard - including OT intelligence - are transmitted to FortiSIEM and collected in one place. Over 130 event types with their corresponding event type groups and an easy-to-understand dashboard help Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts to secure IT and OT.

Benefits of the joint FortiSIEM and OMICRON StationGuard solution:

  • Integration of StationGuard in FortiSIEM in seconds.  

  • StationGuard effectively traces alarms to events in the power grid. These highly intelligent alarm messages are, thus, directly available in FortiSIEM and help SOC analysts to make the right decision right away.  

  • FortiSIEM enables direct response processes and deeper analysis of StationGuard events in correlation with other messages. These are integrated in Fortinet's User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) engine.  

  • OMICRON's OT expertise and know-how is anchored in the SOC. This results in improved visibility of OT threats in the enterprise and provides comprehensive protection against attacks on IT as well as OT.


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