Sverker Is Your Past,
COMPANO Is Your Future


You or your team needs to check low and medium-voltage switchgear. COMPANO 100 is the ideal companion for all kinds of basic tests in this environment. 


The battery-powered device can often avoid the need for a generator and provides a lot of flexibility. Grid/Mains independent full electronics sources provide flexible current and voltage signals, supporting also immediate state changes, ramps, and pulse ramps. They can also generate DC signals for Mirco-Ohm measurements, wiring checks or supply devices. The integrated graphical user interface allows to save and exchange test sequences and to export measurement results to USB flash drives. This simplifies the workflow, helps to fulfill documentation requirements, and increases test quality.


Instrument Transformer Testing

Check polarity and ratio of current transformers and voltage transformers with ease.


Check the secondary wiring. Either by measuring with COMPANO 100 or use the CPOL2 hand held polarity checker for more comfort and efficiency.


Perform single phase protection tests on over-current and voltage source with a freely adjustable phase angle even allows you to test directional and distance protection. Voltage and frequency protection can also be tested.

Circuit Breaker

Use the integrated timer to measure the open and closing times of circuit breakers. Additionally, the resistance of the breaker contacts can be tested with the Micro-ohm fuction.

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