OMICRON Is Not a Company — It’s a Lifestyle

Combining a love of the outdoors with performing diagnostic measurements in remote locations

It goes without saying that we are still going through challenging times, but it is always amazing to hear stories about how colleagues in this industry continue to find innovative ways to still get the job done in order to ensure power system reliability.

One such colleague is Gustav Lundqvist, who has joined us for this episode. He is the CEO and founder of Kraftdiagnos – a service company that provides electrical utility companies in Sweden with diagnostic measurements on medium- and high-voltage equipment.

Gustav has created a unique lifestyle for himself – he has found a way to combine his love of the outdoors with performing grounding and other diagnostic measurements for electrical utilities at remote sites all over the country.

He spent the past 2 years as a road warrior while growing his business, covering incredible distances to perform measurements on medium voltage stations, power lines, telephone towers and wind parks throughout Sweden. Some of this travel was by car, but mostly he hiked great distances to reach remote measurement sites.

“You don’t sit at your desk, waiting for the day to end – you go out and have an adventure.”

- Gustav Lundqvist, Founder and CEO Kraftdiagnos

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