Applied Magic – OMICRON’s Portable 70 kV High-Voltage Power Source

Meeting customer requirements for energizing assets during off-line testing

In this episode, we discuss different high-voltage excitation sources used for energizing electrical equipment during off-line testing, for example voltage withstand tests and partial discharge measurements performed to assess insulation condition.

Which types of high-voltage sources are available, how are they used, and what should you consider based on your testing application and the type of equipment you are testing?

To answer these questions and to offer some insights into this topic are Andreas Nenning, an OMICRON product manager and an expert in switchgear testing, as well as Lukas Klingenschmid, OMICRON product manager and an expert in line and ground impedance measurements.

In particular, Andreas and Lukas discuss the development and particular advantages of OMICRON’s portable 70 kV power source for off-line testing on air and gas-insulated switchgear among other electrical assets.

“The magic behind our portable 70 kV power source is that it is easy to transport anywhere and set up in limited spaces.”

- Andreas Nenning, Product Manager 

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