Onsite Partial Discharge Testing on Power Transformers

PD testing is essential for detecting insulation defects in power transformer insulation.

Power transformers are a key element of the electrical grid, and they are continuously subjected to different levels of electrical, thermal, mechanical, and chemical stress during service. 

To ensure reliable and safe operation, it is key to assess the condition of the insulation system during a transformer’s life cycle. 

Partial discharge (PD) measurements, for example, are a highly effective and non-destructive tool for the detection, assessment, and localization of insulation weak spots, which could eventually lead to transformer failure. 

In this episode, OMICRON PD measurement experts Michael Krüger and Udo Ranninger describe not only the importance of onsite PD testing on both oil-filled and dry type power transformers, but also how it is performed to effectively pinpoint insulation defects not revealed by other tests, including Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA).  An actual PD measurement case study is presented to illustrate these points.


“Whenever asked to check power transformers on site, you should always include PD testing.”

- Michael Krüger, Asset Expert


“Comparing electrical and acoustic PD measurements helps you to pinpoint defect locations.”

- Udo Ranninger, Application Specialist – PD Measurement and Analysis



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