April 9 - 11, 2019

Burg Hemmersbach

Kerpen (near Cologne)

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OMICRON Power Utility Communication Tutorial & Workshop (PUCTW)

April 9 - 11, 2019

Burg Hemmersbach

Kerpen (near Cologne)



The Power Utility Communication Tutorial & Workshop 2019 will focus on:

  • Application and commissioning of IEC 61850 in automation, control and protection of electrical power systems.
  • Cyber security in Substation Automation Systems (SAS).

Take the unique opportunity to attend the tutorial presentations and to practice IEC 61850 during the workshop. The interactive experience will familiarize you with IEC 61850 communication, application and testing and practical cyber security measures for IEC 61850 station and process bus. 

Optional program: IEC 61850 Warm-Up Training

For participants with little or no experience, we also offer the optional IEC 61850 Warm-Up Training. Learn about the concept and technologies of the standard.

Get an idea of the schedule

April 9, 2019from 12:00
OPTIONAL: IEC 61850 Warm-Up Training
Registration & welcome dinner
April 10, 2019Morning
April 11, 2019Morning


Detailed program132 kB

Target audience

  • Communication, protection, automation and control specialists from utilities
  • System integrators (design engineers)
  • Commissioning engineers
  • Everybody who wants to see IEC 61850 in operation and learn the application practically

Registration fees

  • Power Utility Communication Tutorial & Workshop: € 950.- excl. VAT
    The fee includes the event session (except the below training), the evening programs, meeting documents, break and lunch catering. Furthermore, costs for accommodation from April 9–11 at Burg Hemmersbach are included.
  • IEC 61850 Warm-Up Training (OPTIONAL PROGRAM): € 310.- excl. VAT
    The fee includes the training session, training documents and break catering.

Venue and accommodation

The seminar house Burg Hemmersbach is located between city and nature, where you will find everything you need for your meeting, business and recreation requirements.

Burg Hemmersbach is located just 30 minutes from Cologne airport (CGN) and 50 minutes from Dusseldorf airport (DUS). Collective shuttles will be offered at fixed times and rates. 

Have a look at the video to get an impression of the 2018 event.

Tutorial speakers

Paul Eichhorn

Technology Officer, HELINKS

Dr. Alexander Apostolov

Editor-in-Chief, PAC World

Dr. Fred Steinhauser

IEC 61850 and Digital Substation Expert, OMICRON electronics

Thomas Schossig

Head of Business Development - Power Utility Communication, OMICRON electronics

Andreas Klien

Head of Business Development - Power Utility Communication, OMICRON electronics

Tutorial presentations

  • P + AC + IEC 61850 = PUC
    The Smarter Grid of today requires improvements in the efficiency, reliability and security of the changing electric power grid that is made possible by the object models and services defined in IEC 61850 and implemented for power utility communications. The keys for the acceptance of this technology are the advanced engineering, commissioning, testing, condition monitoring and maintenance tools for the industry.
  • Testing Substation Automation Systems – From Engineering to Automated Testing
    During the last years it became obvious that testing substation automation systems (SAS) became an essential part of factory acceptance, site acceptance and maintenance testing. This presentation describes a solution for testing the SAS. Taking into account engineering files of IEC 61850 an automated workflow is developed. The requirements for the SCL file will be explained practically. During the presentation testing scenarios and its validation will be explained.
  • SCL Quo Vadis : End To End Engineering with IEC 61850 
    This tutorial gives an overview on ongoing IEC 61850 standardization, which will leverage integrated end to end specification and engineering. End to end comprises two dimensions:
    1. End To End Signal Flow: From process input to Station Scada and Dispatch Center. Here we talk about Logical Nodes for Process Inputs and Outputs, device independent data flow in SCL, virtual IEDs, protocol mapping in SCL, new XML schemes for HMI engineering with IEC 61850.
    2. End To End Process Chain: From specification of a Power System over simulation to implementation and test. We show how SCL supports the integrated engineering process.
    Conclusion is a concrete example for End To End engineering, which will be demonstrated at the workshop.
  • Attacking an IEC 61850 Substation
    If an attacker targets a modern IEC 61850 substation, how could he achieve his goals? This presentation analyzes previous attacks on power systems and describes yet unused attack vectors through which an adversary could influence protection and automation functions. Based on real and invented scenarios it will be depicted how such attacks could be mitigated by security measures.
  • Digital Substations – from Pilot Projects to Deployment
    Over the past 10 years, numerous pilot projects for evaluating the applications of Sampled Values have been implemented. In particular since 2016, the number of such projects has boomed, delivering much "best practice". Based on these experiences, the regular deployment of Digital Substations is now starting.

Workshop topics

  • Testing Automation and Control
  • Measuring Performance in IEC 61850 PAC Systems
  • End to End Power System Engineering
  • IEC 61850 – Aware Redundant Communication Networks
  • IEC 61850 Engineering – Story Mode
  • Simplify and Accelerate Substation Commissioning Thanks to Smart Protocol Gateways


2018 event review

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History of tutorial presentations

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2016 event

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