May 28 - June 15, 2018

Brazil (São Paulo/Porto Alegre), Chile (Santiago), Perú (Lima), Colombia (Medellín)

Seats are limited!

OMICRON Seminar Series: Partial Discharge in High Voltage Assets

May 28 - June 15, 2018

Brazil (São Paulo/Porto Alegre), Chile (Santiago), Perú (Lima), Colombia (Medellín)


Partial discharge (PD) phenomena are in many cases the preliminary stage of a complete breakdown of the electrical insulation in high-voltage assets, which can lead to unplanned outages, high repair or replacement costs and lost production. To prevent such unexpected occurrences, regular PD testing has proven to be a reliable diagnostic method for detecting failures in the insulation system of electrical assets before major damage or a breakdown occurs.

In these series of workshops, we are going to introduce the basics of PD, the applications and the various advanced measurement techniques. Participants will acquire knowledge on PD measurements on various high voltage apparatus and become familiar with its the possibilities and limitations. The event will also include a hands-on session, where participants can obtain practical experience with real test devices.

Dates and location

Get an idea of the agenda

  • Theory and introduction to PD
  • PD testing in power transformers
  • PD testing in power cables
  • PD testing in rotating machines
  • Case studies and practical session

Target audience

These workshops are especially geared for engineers working in the areas of Planning, Projects, Commissioning, Preventive Maintenance and, Electrical Tests and Service from companies such as Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution; Oil and Gas Production and Processing; Mines; Industries; Manufacturers and Repair Centers of Generators, Motors, Transformers, Power Cables; Testing and Service and Engineering Firms.


If you would like to register to the event, please click on the links located under the section "Dates and location". Depending on the seminar location selected, you will find the correspondent agenda and registration instructions.

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