March 7 - 8, 2019
Germany (Erlangen)
CPC Product Family, CPC + CP CU1, Primary Test Manager (PTM)

Measurements of Line Impedances and on Grounding Systems with the CPC 100 and CP CU1

March 7 - 8, 2019
Germany (Erlangen)
CPC Product Family, CPC + CP CU1, Primary Test Manager (PTM)


Learn how to connect the test set by following relevant safety procedures. Get familiar with the CP CU1 for line impedance measurements to calculate the settings for protection parameterization as well as for ground impedance and touch potential measurements to assess your grounding systems.


  • Connecting the test set to a power line by following relevant safety procedures
  • Performing line impedance measurement by using the dedicated template
  • Interpreting the results of the line impedance measurement and get the relevant data for the distance relay settings
  • Performing ground impedance as well as step and touch voltage measurements by using the dedicated templates
  • Interpret the results of the ground impedance and step and touch voltage measurements


You will receive a personal email with all course information such as agenda and route directions shortly before the training course.

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Day 1: 08:30 a.m. - 05:00 p.m.

Day 2: 08:30 a.m. - 01:00 p.m.


1,5 days
EUR 1,035
per person, excludes tax
Seats available.

„Theoretical and practical units came one after another so that the things learned could be applied immediately.“

Student's feedback

Benefit from an efficient mix of live presentations of the device, logically arranged theory content and practical measurements.

Efficient training methods

Through our courses, you will gain thorough knowledge of assets and applications in electrical power systems.

Application knowledge

You will receive comprehensive manuals for later reference. 

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Seats available.
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