April 6, 2020
Australia (Melbourne)
ARCO 400

Recloser Control Testing – manual & automatic verification of recloser control parameters

April 6, 2020
Australia (Melbourne)
ARCO 400


Learn how to test all kinds of recloser and sectionalizer controls quickly and reliably with ARCO 400. Get familiar with the software guided workflow of ARCO Control and learn how to prepare test plans for standardized testing. Work with different recloser controls to gain immediate testing experience.


  • Becoming familiar with the theory of reclosers and their application in the distribution system
  • Performing easy and efficient tests of all kinds of recloser and sectionalizer controls 
  • Practicing three-phase testing of recloser controls with ARCO Control
  • Learning about voltage based distribution system restoration and how to test it
  • Preparing reusable test plans with ReCoPlan for standardized and time-saving tests


You will receive a personal email with all course information such as agenda and route directions shortly before the training course.


1 day

AUD 330.00
per person, includes GST

„I am a hands-on person so it is very beneficial for me to do this and see the test equipment working and analysing the results, it's great!“

Student's feedback

You will perform tests on real operational equipment and on models to simulate the substation in the classroom.

Hands-on exercises

Through our courses, you will gain thorough knowledge of assets and applications in electrical power systems.

Application knowledge

Benefit from an efficient mix of live presentations of the device, logically arranged theory content and practical measurements.

Efficient training methods
1 Alternative Course Dates
May 15, 2020
China (Hong Kong)
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