Webinar FAQ


1. How do I register to a webinar?

Select the Webinar you are interested in, fill out the online registration form and submit it. Please note that the registration is not a guarantee of participation. We will get in contact with you before the webinar. The number of participants is limited so sign up soon!

2. How much should I pay for a webinar?

Check the webinar fee listed in the course listing. Most of our webinars are a customer service for free!

3. How many people can view the webinar?

Each webinar registration includes one log in link to the webinar. However, it can be shown to as many people as can view that one monitor or projection.

4. How will it work?

For the Webinar class, we will be using the conferencing tool Cisco WebEx www.webex.com.

In your confirmation email you will receive the link to the webinar and all necessary instructions. Joining the webinar is easy. The Webinar will be available a few minutes before start so you can click the link in the invitation email to connect to the online session and test your audio connection.

If it is the first time you join a WebEx session, an automatic installation of the WebEx Meeting Manager plug-in will be performed on your computer. Afterwards you should join the audio conference by calling using the computer (VoIP option) or using a phone. If you are having troubles opening up the WebEx system, you may want to check with your IT department.

5. What are the technical requirements?

For the webinar participation, a computer or laptop with a good internet connection is needed, and for the audio connection speakers (and optionally a microphone) or a telephone or a headset.

You will need the WebEx Meeting Manager application installed on your computer. The installation is done automatically the first time you join an OMICRON webinar. 

To check the system requirements you need please see the Cisco WebEx System Requirements recommendation. 

6. What happens once I am logged into the webinar?

Once you join a webinar, you will see WebEx windows consisting of a content area where you can follow the presentation, plus additional windows (panels) that can display the participant list, chat panel, video panel among others. 

Feel free to check the Getting Started Information with Cisco Webex Meetings for Attendees. 

7. How do I join the audio conference?

Two types of audio service may be available:

a) Using a computer (VoIP)

b) Using a Phone

After joining the Webinar and having the WebEx Meeting Manager window opened, please follow the instructions on the screen. When the host starts the audio conference, you need to select the option Join Audio Conference under the menu Audio.

To join using the computer, you need a headset or speakers. Select the option Call Using Computer you find in the Audio Conference window. If you have problems, please check your PC speakers are on and check the volume. You can also try to configure your audio with the Audio Setup Wizard from the Audio menu.

To join using a phone, select one of the two options from the Audio Conference window: 

  • Call Me: You get automatically a call to join the Webinar;
  • I will call in: Call to one of the provided numbers, enter the access code and attendee ID.

8. How can I ask questions during the webinar?

You can send questions and comments about the webinar directly to the presenter through the chat panel you find on the right side of the WebEx window.

If available, you can also ask questions verbally. You should signal that you have a question to the presenter by using the Raise Hand feature you will find on the Participants panel. The instructor will let you know when to ask your question. You can cancel a request to speak at any time by clicking the Lower Hand button on the Participants panel.

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