Webinar FAQ


1. What is an OMICRON Academy webinar?

You will meet our trainer and the other participants in an online conference. You can attend from any location with a good internet connection. The duration of a webinar is usually around 1 hour.

2. How do I register for a webinar?

Choose an OMICRON Academy webinar from www.omicronenergy.com/training. Fill out the online registration form and submit it. We will get in contact with you to confirm your seat.

You will receive an email invitation with all details and a link to the session that makes it easy to join.

3. What are the technical requirements?

You will need a computer, laptop or mobile device with a stable internet connection to join the webinar. 
And to connect to the audio conference, you will need speakers or a headset. 
For conducting the webinar class, we will be using “Cisco Webex Training” (www.webex.com).

4. Which webinar solutions can I use?

With your invitation email , you can join the session in different ways, like from your computer, mobile device, or phone. You will get the link to your webinar in your webinar invitation email. 

You can join the webinar class using

  • Cisco Webex web app 
    Use your web browser only , nothing to install
  • Cisco Webex desktop app 
    Install the comfortable Cisco Webex Meetings app (once for 1st use) 
  • Cisco Webex mobile app 
    Install the comfortable Cisco Webex Meetings app for mobile devices (once for 1st use)

Further information is available at help.webex.com/. 
If you are having troubles with the Webex system, you may also want to check with your IT department.

5. How do I join the webinar?

Open your invitation email and click the button “Join Training” when it's time to join the webinar.
Enter your name and email address, and then click “Join Training”.
Accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Statement. 
The Webex training window will load and the Audio Connection dialog box will appear. 

6. How do I connect to the audio?

Upon webinar start, you will be prompted to join the audio conference. Please call in using your computer  via VoIP. You can also find this option in the menu “Audio” at the top of the Webex window. 

7. How can I ask questions during the webinar?

You can send questions and comments about the webinar directly to the presenter through the chat panel on the right side of the Webex window. The trainer will answer your questions at the end of the session. 

8. How do I leave the session?

When you want to leave the webinar, select “Leave” in the meeting controls or go to via the top menu, and then select “Leave Meeting”.  

9. What happens with my data?

For the webinar class, we will be using “Cisco Webex Training”. This is a Cisco Webex Meetings solution made available by Cisco Systems Inc. (San Jose, California, USA) to conduct our training sessions. For that purpose, your data submitted in the registration process needs to be forwarded to Cisco.

Please find further information on privacy in the Cisco Privacy Statement (https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/about/legal/privacy-full.html), the Cisco Webex Meetings Privacy Data Sheet (https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/about/trust-center/data-privacy.html) as well as in the OMICRON Privacy Statement (https://www.omicronenergy.com/en/legal).”

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