Make your CMC Future-Proof

Upgrade to the NET-2 Interface


In the interest of innovative and sustainable product care, we have continuously developed the CMC product family. In doing so, the options for communication with the test sets have been updated to the latest standards for a range of applications that has been continuously expanded.

Since 2014, all CMC test sets have been delivered with the current NET-2 communication interface. To enable older CMCs to communicate with modern PCs, tablets and various accessories via Ethernet, USB and Wi-Fi, we offer the ability to upgrade to the NET-2 hardware interface. The upgrade includes an ISO 9001 calibration by default and is available for the following CMC test sets:

  • CMC 356
  • CMC 256plus
  • CMC 353
  • CMC 310
  • CMC 850

The NET-2 interface ensures the compatibility with upcoming Test Universe and RelaySimTest versions as well as a variety of additional benefits.

Please note: The compatibility with upcoming Test Universe and RelaySimTest versions for all older CMC interfaces (PAR-1, NET-1, NET-1B, NET-1C) are guaranteed until end of 2022.

Is your CMC Future-Proof?

To find out whether your CMC is already equipped with the NET-2 interface and compatible with upcoming Test Universe and RelaySimtest versions, simply enter the unit serial number in the field below. The serial number can be found, for example, on the nameplate under "SerNo", which is located on the housing.

All NET-2 Benefits


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