Battery operated testing tool for basic protection tasks
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It’s always challenging to create something that’s truly innovative. Therefore, it’s not enough to simply understand the needs of the average customer. You also have to be able to imagine something entirely new that will enhance the way a customer is able to work - and you need to have the courage to bring an ambitious vision to life. This is precisely what we’ve done.

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COMPANO 100 is a unique battery operated testing tool that’s lighter and easier to use than all of the comparable test sets on the market today. For example, the test setup navigation operates intuitively via a jog dial wheel. In addition, predefined test modules can be started simply by pressing the respective button. Due to its light weight, small size and rugged design COMPANO 100 is predestined for use in diverse field applications. Its long lasting power source even allows you to work flexibly in remote locations.

Quick overview

What features does a testing tool for basic protective tasks really need? We’ve found a logical answer to this question: COMPANO 100. True to the motto "less is more" the device is designed to give testers in the field as much practical support as possible.
AC voltage output 150V/30VA*
AC and DC current output 110A/600VA
Graphical color user interface
Jog dial wheel
Inputs binary wet/dry, AC/DC voltage 300V or current with shunt
Internal or external emergency power off
USB compartment
Electronic start/stop
Battery operated


COMPANO 100 provides the fastest and easiest way for verifying the wiring in substations and checking the polarity, even without mains supply.
COMPANO 100 checks and verifies the burden of instrument transformers to avoid serious problems of over- or underburdened instrument transformers.
COMPANO 100 is the ideal solution for a wide range of one-phase current or one-phase voltage testing on protection devices.
COMPANO 100 generates a frequency independent sine wave signal for checking CT and VT ratios and measuring select frequencies.
COMPANO 100 is also a portable and battery operated high precision micro-ohmmeter that can actually measure micro-ohms.

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