CT Analyzer: Better than Ever for Current Transformer Testing, Calibration and Assessment

OMICRON’s CT Analyzer was unique right from the start. It was the first device to facilitate effective on-site tests on current transformers (CTs). And there is still no other device available that allows comprehensive CT tests with accurate results within an operationally safe range of only 120 V. In addition, it weighs only 8 kg (17lbs).

To keep the device’s technology at the high level required by its continuously changing working environment, the CT Analyzer has been reworked once again. We are proud that we can now show the results. Yvo Langnaese, our application specialist for instrument transformers, tells about them in a short interview.

What is there to improve on a device which is already unique?

Y.L.: Through our close cooperation with CT manufacturers, as well as the active participation in specific working groups, we can quickly react when new developments require new or modified tests. This is why we, for example, widely extended the CT Analyzer’s range of possible knee-point voltages.

What is the reason behind the new operating software?

Y.L.: The new CT Analyzer Suite supports a user through every single step of the testing process. This minimizes the risk of incorrect wiring in the measuring setup and it speeds up the whole measurement.

Why did you implement a customized assessment?

Y.L.: More and more users gave us the feedback that they did not want to assess their CTs according to the better known international standards such as IEC and IEEE. Instead, they would rather define their own assessment rules or national standards. We have opened this door widely with the CT Analyzer Suite.

Thank you for this short preview, Yvo!


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