“OMICRON Is Not a Company – It’s a Lifestyle”

OMICRON customer Gustav Lundqvist is the owner of Kraftdiagnos, a measurement service provider based in northern Sweden. Gustav has created a unique lifestyle for himself – he has found a way to combine his love of the outdoors with performing grounding and other measurements for electrical utilities at remote sites all over the country.

A lot of the territory Gustav covered over the past year was on foot, accompanied by his dog Nisse and with OMICRON equipment – namely the CPC 100 or COMPANO 100 and only the necessary accessories – in his backpack.

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In this episode, we talk with Gustav to hear about his measurement experiences in the great outdoors, and how he was able to grow and expand his company along the way. Be sure to see the photo gallery of Gustav’s measurement adventures below.


(Length: 25:55)


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Photo gallery related to this episode

See photos of Gustav’s measurement adventures throughout Sweden over the course of a year:


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