Quick Test – the Popular Test Card for CPC 100

Our CPC 100 Quick Test card is one of the most widely-used and appreciated test cards. It is particularly popular with our customers since measurement inputs and outputs can be combined for any configuration and flexibly adjusted as desired. Now the Quick Test is also part of our Primary Test Manager ™ (PTM) software. This perfect match fully automates the wide range of test options. It offers complete freedom to combine your expert knowledge with the advantages of the PTM software platform.

In order to get a far-reaching overview of the condition of your own equipment, it can be helpful to break out of the usual test sequence and to examine it in more detail. Various triggers are optionally available to control the Quick Test testing sequence. PTM offers the possibility to display the measuring points in table form as well as a chart, according to your preferences.

In addition to the multifunctional configuration of the CPC Quick Test, the accurate measurement results are essential. In power plants you are surrounded by electromagnetic interference. These can couple into the measuring circuit. Especially with measurements with low current or voltage amplitudes, it is possible that even the smallest disturbances can have a significant influence on the measurement results. For this purpose, the Quick Test offers you two options for effective interference suppression.

In the first stage, a narrow-band measuring filter suppresses frequencies beyond the test frequency. In the second stage, the test frequency outputs narrow-band measuring filters below and above the desired frequency if there are disturbances in the range of the test frequency. As soon as stable measurement results are available, the CPC interpolates them back to the set test frequency.

The Quick Test is a multifunctional test tool that you can use with any PTM-compatible equipment in a simple and uncomplicated manner. Your needs and creativity determine a wide range of uses.

If you want some tips or tricks, please check out our CPC 100 and PTM product page or contact our support team.

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