The SCL File

The key to successful commissioning of the station control system (Substation Dörrenbach)

The SCL file is a fundamental part of commissioning, interlocking and signal testing, and upgrading during the lifecycle of any substation. Read on to discover its importance in the renovation of the Dörrenbach substation in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. 

The customer
The Dörrenbach substation is currently undergoing partial renovation. This includes

  • the renewal of the 110 kV overhead and the 29kV medium voltage switchgear of the substation as well as
  • the future-proofing of the plant by upgrading the protection technology as well as the station control system to IEC 61850.

OMICRON is supporting Pfalzwerke Netz AG in implementing the IEC 61850 system at the Dörrenbach substation, and in the testing and commissioning of its substation control technology.

For the commissioning of the station control system and the testing of the field and system interlocking, the Pfalzwerke Netz AG decided to use OMICRON's StationScout testing solution. The approach of automated testing of the interlocking as well as signal testing were the main motivation here.

For the preparation and execution of the tests, not only the signal list and the interlocking specifications were required, but also the Substation Configuration Language file, in short: SCL or SCD file. It is a central component of the IEC61850 configuration. Based on the SCL file, StationScout can visualize the signals and check them against the real equipment.

What is a SCL file?

This is usually provided by the system integrator or the manufacturer of the substation control system. If information in the SCL file is incomplete or even missing, tools such as OpenSCD can help to supplement it.

In the case of the Dörrenbach substation – in order to automate and standardize the test sequences – we created corresponding test cases in StationScout for the interlock and signal test. The test cases created with StationScout could then be executed and evaluated in the plant and the test results documented in detailed test reports.

StationScout's ongoing deployment

StationScout will also be required in the following test steps at the Dörrenbach substation. It will be used as a testing tool during the overall commissioning and the subsequent SAT. You can already read about the other advantages of the OMICRON StationScout solution on our product page: 

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