ADMO 6.10 and InSight 3.10 Available

July 4, 2022

ADMO is a software for central planning and management of all engineering, testing, and maintenance activities and data in the power automation and control industry. From version 6.0 onwards, working with contractors has been made more efficient and straightforward with ADMO Box, a powerful feature that enables users to outsource asset management operations in an easy and secure manner.

With the software versions of ADMO 6.10 and Insight 3.1, new functions and improvements have been implemented. The most important of these are:

  • Custom Event Types in ADMO 6.1
    Now users can specify up to 36 individual event types. The former standard event types Commissioning, Maintenance and Miscellaneous may continue to be used or, if preferred, these types can be deleted. The order of event types can be adjusted in the Event Configuration dialog and in the dialog that appears when adding a new event. Users can also define if an event type shall affect the maintenance cycle of a certain asset, and if the event type shall appear in the overall maintenance timeline covering all assets, the asset timeline, or both.

  • Asset definition and configuration in ADMO 6.1
    The definition and configuration of assets has been completely revised. All available categories can now be assigned to any asset. For instance, users can define if the asset has a firmware the versioning of which should be tracked, or if any settings should be verified.
  • New Asset Type Data widget in InSight 3.1:
    The new Asset Type Data widget lets users visualize additional custom data fields and asset type specific metadata that are currently not part of the ADMO data grid, such as custom data fields and asset type specific meta data. For this and 15 other widgets available within InSight, users can configure which data should be displayed in them.

Besides these new feature improvements, cyber security has been enhanced in both ADMO and InSight and AMDO has also been speed optimized.

To fulfill all cyber security requirements, ADMO 6.10 with InSight 3.10 is now only available as a 64 bit installation.

Note: Users of ADMO 6.0 with a valid maintenance contract can request the new software version at the e-mail address: Further information on the new software version can be found in the related document What's New in Version 6.10/3.100.95 MB.

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