All it Takes is a Spark

September 1, 2020

Partial discharge (PD) is both a cause and indication of developing damage to electrical insulation. Our PD testing and monitoring solutions help you detect and assess insulation defects which can lead to failure in electrical equipment.

Picking the right PD detection solution
In our paper of the month, Samuel Scheller, our PD monitoring solutions product manager, explains how PD plays a role in assessing the insulation condition of electrical equipment, as well as when and how our different PD detection solutions are used to keep your electrical equipment running reliably throughout its entire life cycle.

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Additional PD information
Be sure to visit our PD knowledge platform to learn more about PD measurement and analysis. It provides you with videos and short articles about the importance of PD testing as well as the innovative methods used for reliable insulation defect detection in a variety of high-voltage assets.

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