Are you testing Power Transformers?

May 2, 2018

Your upcoming training options

Different courses are available to meet your requirements. Our staff at the OMICRON Academy Training Centers across the globe will help you to find the right training.

Our courses cover different diagnostic measurements:

  • DC winding resistance
  • Transformer turns ratio (TTR)
  • Leakage reactance/short-circuit impedance
  • Power/dissipation factor (Tan Delta)
  • Partial discharges (PD)
  • Moisture tests (DFR)
  • Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA)

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The right training for your application

OMICRON Academy courses are built around real testing situations and are ideal for technical staff from electrical utilities, industrial plants, equipment manufacturers and service companies.

Benefit from professional courses with expert trainers, full-scale test and training equipment, effective methodology and excellent customer care.

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