PTM software version 4.10 available

For CPC 100/80, CIBANO 500, TESTRANO 600, DIRANA and FRANEO 800

The Primary Test Manager™ (PTM) software supports you during diagnostic tests on circuit breakers, current and voltage transformers, rotating machines, power transformers as well as associated equipment such as bushings and on-load tap changers (OLTC).

The software guides you through the testing process with comprehensive testing procedures and detailed wiring diagrams. Tests can be automatically assessed in accordance with the applicable international IEEE and IEC standards. PTM also provides you with powerful reporting functionalities such as customized, individual reports about test objects, test results and assessments.

Further improvements and new features


  • Implementation if trending functionality for dissolved gas analysis (DGA), requires “PTM DataSync” license

CPC 100

  • Integration of power/dissipation factor tests on rotating machines, using manual mode
  • Integration of Dynamic OLTC Scan test including static winding resistance
  • More flexibility for comparison of winding resistance measurement results


  • Integration of Dynamic OLTC Scan test including static winding resistance
  • Fully automated exciting current test with up to 12 kV
  • Automatic assessment of phase-shift for three-phase turns ratio measurements


  • Integration of dielectric response analysis tests on rotating machines and instrument transformers
  • Customized categories for moisture and oil conductivity analysis
  • Integration of Microsoft ExcelTM export functionality


  • Integration of a dedicated timing test method for gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) with both sides grounded
  • Demagnetization of integrated current transformers in GIS or dead-tank circuit breakers
  • Bounce filter for measurements on main and auxiliary contacts of circuit breakers.

Download the latest PTM software version for CPC 100/80, TESTRANO 600, CIBANO 500, DIRANA or FRANEO 800 in the Customer Portal (for registered users). 

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