Assessing the Risk of Failure in Rotating Machines

May 29, 2020

The reliability and availability of rotating electrical machines is highly important in power generation and industrial applications.

Preventing machine failure

Failure in motors and generators is influenced by thermal, electrical and mechanical stress factors over time. For an accurate failure risk assessment, it is essential to have accurate, up-to-date condition information about machine components to effectively plan their maintenance or replacement.

Various electrical tests evaluate condition

A variety of off-line electrical tests can be performed over the complete life cycle of rotating electrical machines to increase their reliability, prevent premature failures and to extend reliable service life. These diagnostic tests, including measurements of capacitance, dissipation factor, voltage withstand, partial discharge and impedance, among other essential tests, including electromagnetic imperfection testing on stator cores, are performed to accurately assess machine condition.

Recommended diagnostic tools

For effective condition assessments of rotating electrical machines, we offer the matching testing and monitoring solutions.

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