Can Your Circuit Breaker Test Device Do This?

May 7, 2021

Easily test breakers of all voltage levels

More than 1000 customers on five continents enjoy the many benefits of the CIBANO 500. The device allows to efficiently perform all the important circuit breaker measurements, such as timing, static and dynamic contact resistance, travel, coil current, or motor current - on breakers of all voltage levels. Its extensive capabilities and efficient test methods for testing high voltage breakers are widely known. What is more, with its internal voltage/current source it can also verify breaker performance during special conditions, such as overvoltage, undervoltage or low DC supply.

In this article, we show you what CIBANO 500 can do for you in testing medium or low voltage breakers that other test devices cannot. CIBANO 500 is a device that can conveniently test breakers without a close coil and verify the under-voltage release function or the overcurrent release function of your breakers. 


CIBANO 500s under-voltage release test will determine the voltage level when the under-voltage coil will trip the breaker. With the internal voltage source included in CIBANO 500, it is very simple to perform this test. With the breaker in Open position, CIBANO 500 starts the test by supplying the undervoltage coil with its nominal voltage, after which it closes the breaker and then starts to decrease the supply voltage for the undervoltage coil in steps until the breaker trips.

As for Minimum Pick-up test the Overcurrent Release test is using the internal source of CIBANO 500. Configured as current source, CIBANO 500 internally can create a pulse ramp and ramp up the current until the overcurrent coil trips the breaker.

By creating a longer timing test, to have time to close the breaker manually, the status of the main contacts and travel are measured. With the motion-based timing feature the zero point is then moved to the start of the travel curve and thus allows to use this point in time as a reference for calculating the closing time.

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