March 10, 2017

COMPANO 100 is the universal and easy-to-use solution for all types of basic testing du-ties in electrical energy systems. Controlled electronic sources allow the user to obtain exactly the desired value and to output signals with variable frequencies and other signal forms, automated ramps, and pure DC. The highly flexible inputs are configurable, for ex-ample, as binary inputs for relay testing, AC or DC voltage inputs or current inputs. Due to its light weight (only 10 kg / 22 lbs), small size and unique battery operation, COMPANO 100 can be moved around easily and used for commissioning, maintenance and trouble-shooting in utilities, industry plants, and by service providers. A large variety of testing tasks can be conveniently and easily solved using this device: e.g. wiring and polarity checks, burden measurements, single-phase protection relay testing, CT/VT ratio checks, and micro-ohm resistance testing.

In utilities, literally hundreds of connections have to be verified during commissioning and re-commissioning. Especially in high voltage environments CTs and VTs are often far away from the relay and control room. Thanks to the battery-operated and light-weight COMPANO 100 users can perform convenient wiring and polarity checks, even without mains supply. As COMPANO 100 can also inject current from the primary side to the CT and an independent voltage signal to the VT/PT path, it is possible to detect all potential wiring errors, missing grounds, unwanted additional grounds, wiring swappings and even the CT direction setting in the relay.

In industry plants an easy-to-use and portable test set with outstanding capabilities is indispensable. With COMPANO 100 users can generate high currents and variable voltages for testing, easily test overcurrent protection relays and ductors.
Service providers benefit from the high versatility of COMPANO 100. Wiring checks by primary or secondary injection, basic relay tests, continuity checks with high currents or even MCB tests are possible with a single device.

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