CT Analyzer 5.00 Software Version Available

August 13, 2018

The CT Analyzer determines all relevant current transformer parameters automatically and compares the results with the selected standard. With the push of a button, the device evaluates the current transformer (CT) as per the IEC or IEEE standard within seconds.

New operating software CT Analyzer Suite

The new CT Analyzer Suite is a complete redesign of the operating software supporting you step-by-step during test preparation, execution, assessment and reporting. Additional wiring diagrams help you during test setup, minimizing the likelihood of measurement errors and speeding up your testing process.

New customized CT class assessment

Until now, CT Analyzer supported result assessment in accordance with international standards (IEC/IEEE). With the new CT Analyzer Suite, you can create individual assessment templates, for example by adapting the applied parameters or changing existing limit values. This facilitates automatic assessment according to national standards, such as the Canadian standard, or corporate requirements.

Improved accuracy for low knee point CTs

The new CT Analyzer Suite supports testing of CTs with low knee points down to 0.1 V. The new software version contains an improved noise suppression and filtering technique, resulting in more accurate measurements of small currents, even in the µA range, and voltages in the mV range.

Further improvements and new features

Additionally, the new CT Analyzer Suite offers the following new features and further improvements:

  • New CT Analyzer packages including tailored testing functionalities for basic and advanced CT testing.
  • New testing of protection CTs up to 40 kV knee point.
  • Consideration of connection impedance in test procedure.
  • Improved assessment of overcurrent performance.

You can download the new software version free-of-charge in our Customer Portal (for registered users). Please find detailed information about the latest software version in the “What’s New620 kB” document.

“With the latest release, the CT Analyzer now has a new PC software, improved features, new accessories and a rework of the front panel, making the device better than ever for current transformer testing.”

Michael Freiburg, product manager for CT Analyzer

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