Customize Your System Diagrams with StationGuard 2.10

June 22, 2022

With the new StationGuard update, you can look forward to …

Custom system diagrams
You can now manually draw the system diagram – if you have no SCL or if the SCL does not contain structural information. This allows you to use StationGuard conveniently in your control centers, power plants, and substations (IEC-104/DNP3/Modbus) without relying on engineering files for the setup.

PCAP packet captures for all events
With the new update, it is even simpler to analyze events/alerts. StationGuard automatically captures network traffic before and after each event/alert which greatly facilitates the subsequent analysis.

Asset inventory import
You can easily import asset inventory information from CSV files. This is especially useful in IEC-104 or DNP3/Modbus systems to set multiple device names to their correct names, according to plant documentation files, like the SCADA signal list.

DPI for additional protocols
Examine even more protocols with our deep packet inspection: Profinet, EtherCAT, CIP were added to the 300+ protocols and 1400+ applications which were already supported.

And much more
We have taken your feedback into account for additional optimizations and bug fixes. For example, local time zones are now considered for event display, and we added a link to the alert details to open the help for the alert description.

Get the latest StationGuard update free of charge. 


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