Do You Trust in Your Protection System?

January 29, 2016

Improve protective relaying systems reliability by dynamic testing

The flexibility of modern, multifunctional relays creates long setting lists. Each item on the list needs to be tested to ensure proper behavior of the complete protection system. Testing such schemes manually leads to a loss of overview and, as a consequence, can destabilize the complete system. That’s why total scheme testing gets more and more important and should include modeling for critical protective relaying testing – based on dynamic testing.

In particular, petrochemical plants need reliable electrical power, because false trips could lead to equipment damage, production loss, or even environmental issues. Therefore, a fundamental link in the reliable power supply to chemical plants is the stable operation of protective relays. This paper describes an approach for dynamic testing of protection systems using the wide range of OMICRON test sets in combination with the Advanced Transplay module.
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Improve protective relaying systems reliability by dynamic testing (2 MB)
CMC 356, CPC 100, CT Analyzer, Advanced Transplay, Test Universe, ETAP, EMTP, line protection, generator protection, bus bar protection, transformer protection, protection of transfer systems, COMTRADE, current transformer saturating, IEC 60044-6, IEC 60044-1, line differential protection, protection relays, transfer systems, Fault Ride Through
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