Essential Rotating Machine Testing

February 1, 2021

Ensure reliable motor and generator operation and reduce the risk of failure

The performance and reliability of rotating electrical machines can be compromised over time due to the thermal, electrical, ambient and mechanical stresses motors and generators are continuously subjected to when in operation.

Premature machine failure from operational wear-and-tear can result in significant financial losses, due to unexpected outages, production shutdown and possible irreparable damage. Regular testing can help you to assess the insulation integrity and detect potential failure-causing defects. 

Listen to our podcast 

In the second episode of our new “Energy Talks” podcast series, Fabian Öttl, our product manager for rotating machine diagnosis, describes essential testing methods, when they are performed and how they complement each other to keep all types of motors and generators reliably running throughout their intended service life.



(Length: 19:06)


Energy Talks is a regular podcast series with expert discussions on power system testing topics. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes.

Learn more about rotating machine testing and monitoring

Visit our rotating machine testing and monitoring knowledge area to get practical tips about the various methods used to assess the condition of your motors and generators. You can also find the matching testing and monitoring solution for your application.


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