How to Make the CPC 100 an Even More Powerful High-voltage Source

December 1, 2017

Our Engineering Services team was recently asked by Ritz Instrument Transformers to help them perform off-line partial discharge (PD) tests on dry-type transformers on site for one of their customers.

Not only was the underground substation where the tests were conducted tight on space, the voltage needed to perform the PD tests on the transformers exceeded what a single CPC 100 could provide when used as an HV source.

To solve the need for more voltage output, the test team used the CPC Sync function, which allowed them to synchronize up to three CPC 100 units to create a HV source with up to 15 kVA. The off-line PD test set-up included three CPC 100 units, three matching transformers, a remote control unit for the CPCs and an MPD 600 PD measurement system.

Easy to transport and setup in small spaces

The compact design and low weight of the three CPC 100 units, matching transformers and other devices made the entire setup easy to transport. This was ideal for on-site PD testing in the underground substation.


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“The CPC 100 with the CPC Sync function allows you to put together an HV source for off-line testing depending on how much power you require.”

(Christoph Engelen, CPCSync Product Manager, OMICRON)

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