How to Proceed? Digitization and Testing of Local Secondary Substations!

October 5, 2018

The rapid increase in renewable energy sources is creating additional workloads for both the transmission and distribution networks. Challenges that can be overcome with the help of Smart Grids. By increasing the availability of the power supply and providing a clear overview, digitized secondary substations have an important contribution to make.

Taking the example of SÜC Coburg, a distribution network operator with power supplies of differing characters, this paper examines how secondary substations can be made more intelligent and subsequently tested during commissioning and maintenance activities.

More Information
Digitization and Testing of Secondary Substations (795 KB)
Digitization, Testing, Intelligent, Secondary Substations, Smart Grid, Non-conventional transformers, CMC 430, COMPANO 100, Unit-type thermal power plants, Biomass power plants, Wind turbines, Photovoltaic systems, Hydroelectric power plants, transmission network, distribution network, Real-Time, Power Flow, medium-voltage, switchgear, Rogowski current sensor, medium-voltage network, transformer station, Rogowski coil, split-core sensor, Test Universe, Maintenance Testing
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