Inside OMICRON: How We Test and Calibrate Our Products

January 8, 2018

Power engineers require reliable tools to work with, therefore, we put great efforts into the manufacturing, testing and calibration of our products. For the manufacturing of components, we work together with selected, local partners with whom we have a long-term relationship. After manufacturing, they run first automated tests, such as flying probe and optical inspection, on every single board.

When the boards reach OMICRON, they are subjected to further tests, so that only thoroughly verified boards will be assembled into a device. We then run a number of tests on each device in order to find any potential failures that would only show under “stress”. We start with a high voltage test, followed by a 72h heat run-in, or “burn-in”, test with alternating periods of high and low temperatures while the devices are in operation.

During calibration and adjustment, we warm up the device to consider heat dependent component drifting. We collect all of the data and use it for analysis, reporting and constant improvement. The video provides an inside look into this process.


“In-depth testing ensures that every device that leaves our facility is of high quality.”
(Markus Märk)

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