Meet Our New IT Partner NTS

March 14, 2022

We provide you with security operations that master all cybersecurity, monitoring, and electric grid requirements. With the combined know-how of IT and OT, we empower you to achieve unprecedented levels of security and reliability through cross-industry expertise.


Practical Benefits of the Partnership

You experience a holistic threat intelligence, which benefits from improved visibility of security incidents and potential threats to the grid and from comprehensive protection against cyberattacks on IT/OT infrastructures.

We offer you proactive monitoring of the electric grid and ongoing analysis of current vulnerabilities through deployment of industry-leading security solutions.

The capability, knowledge, and reliability of long-standing IT and OT security experts are culminated to best protect enterprises and utilities of critical infrastructure.


Learn about our joint project:

StationGuard into NTS Threat Detection Service

OMICRON’s OT intrusion detection solution StationGuard monitors Ethernet networks in the grid and identifies cyber threats, unauthorized activities, malfunctions, and vulnerabilities. This combination of cyber security and functional monitoring can not only identify new threats and yet unknown attack scenarios, but also various types of malfunctions.

All security-relevant information, around your IT and OT infrastructure, is analysed in real time in the NTS Threat Detection Service. The specially trained NTS Defense Team examines all suspicious events and evaluates them in terms of threat and urgency.

Benefits of the joint NTS Threat Detection Service and OMICRON StationGuard solution:

  • You enjoy the improved visibility of OT threats in the enterprise and comprehensive protection against attacks on your IT as well as OT.
  • Our OMICRON OT Security Team attends to the cybersecurity of power utility automation systems. It is in constant communication with the NTS Defense Team to guarantee swift responses to security incidents (i.e., data breaches) as well as the delivery of time-critical information about potential threats to the grid. Our support to any arising threat is practically immediate.
  • OT knowledge-enriched alerts and an easy-to-understand dashboard help assess and quickly respond to alerts.


Do you want to learn more?

Our StationGuard combines a powerful intrusion detection system with functional monitoring for the entire power grid. Learn all about our StationGuard solution

Visit the site of our partner NTS and learn about the scope of their NTS Defense Services.

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