MPD Suite software version 1.40 now available

March 9, 2023

Our MPD Suite software is used with our MPD 800 for standard-compliant partial discharge (PD) testing and diagnosis. It is also used with our UHF 800 for ultra-high frequency PD testing on oil-filled power transformers to reduce external disturbances. When used together with the MPD 800 and UHF 800 hardware, this powerful software enables you to quickly and reliably detect and analyze PD activity and developing insulation defects. 

Since the MPD Suite software was made available in 2020 with the introduction of our MPD 800 system and in 2022 with the introduction of our UHF 800 system, we continued to make improvements and added features to provide you with the most comprehensive, easy-to-use and time-saving PD measurement and analysis solutions available.

We are happy to inform you that the MPD Suite software has been significantly enhanced over the past months, which is reflected in the latest version 1.40 for use with either the MPD 800, the UHF 800 or both. Prominent new features include:

For MPD 800:

  • Enhanced trend view
  • FFT view improvements
  • Usability improvement for PD scope 
  • Analysis filter for PD scope and FFT

For UHF 800:

  • UHF 800 narrowband filter set
  • Enhanced UHF spectrum and Sweep view
  • Improved impulse sensitivity of the UHF frequency domain measurement

For MPD 800 and UHF 800:

  • Updated 3PARD/3FREQ 
  • Automatically adjusted PD threshold 
  • MPD Suite Software Version 1.40 is now also compatible with Windows 11

If you already use our MPD 800 and/or UHF 800 PD measurement and analysis systems for complete PD testing and diagnosis, please be sure to download the installer for this new software version 1.40 in the download area of the OMICRON Customer Portal. Detailed information about the new features and enhancements can be found in the What’s New section as well as in the software release note.

If you do not yet know about our MPD 800 and UHF 800 solutions for complete PD testing and diagnosis, please click below for more information:

discover mpd 800 | discover UHF 800

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