OMICRON’s Instrument Transformer Expert Wins Best Article Competition

March 7, 2019

And the winner is…

…Michael Freiburg of OMICRON electronics. Our instrument transformer expert recently won the competition of Transformers Magazine for the best article 2018.

The voters had to select from 33 articles while considering criteria such as

  • which article had the potential to make true impact,
  • which dealt with the most original or rarely spoken subject,
  • which was the most appealing to you in terms of research or findings?
  • was there an article that helped you answer a particular question or solve an issue that you encountered in your work?

The article discusses testing and diagnostic methods for instrument transformers (current and voltage transformers). Different application examples are presented that help to ensure an efficient production process at the manufacturing site and efficient on-site testing for site acceptance, commissioning or regular maintenance.

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