On the Road to Success

October 1, 2019

Since 2016, numerous customers from every continent have relied on TESTRANO 600, the world's first three-phase transformer test system. It allows you to perform all common electrical tests on power transformers with one device and with a significantly reduced amount of rewiring effort.

The customer range of TESTRANO 600 varies in terms of working at a transformer manufacturer, being a service-provider, being responsible for factory acceptance testing or diagnostic testing. Thus, the number of expectation, which the new test solution should ideally meet, is similar divergent.

We took the opportunity to ask some of our customers to share their impressions and experiences with TESTRANO 600.

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“TESTRANO 600 is a very flexible piece of testing equipment, designed to make testing transformers easy and efficient.”

(Liam Arnold, Wilson Transformer Company)

“TESTRANO 600 is a great addition to our measurement portfolio that increases our flexibility and reaction time for meeting customer’s demands.”

(Holger Lohmeyer, ABB)

“Integrating the three-phase TESTRANO 600 into our standard testing equipment means being more competitive by being more efficient.”

(Marc Weber, SIEMENS)

“TESTRANO 600 helped us to save a lot of set-up time as well as reducing the total testing time.”

(Jimmy Kuang, Mondo)

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