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Monitoring Helps a UK Power Station Ensure Equipment Readiness

June 23, 2017

Seabank Power Station near Bristol, England, generates electricity on demand. It has to be ready to deliver 1,140 MW of electricity within minutes after it receives a request.

Equipment readiness plays an essential role in meeting this demand at a moment’s notice. That is why Seabank Power Station invests in the regular testing, maintenance and care of its electrical equipment.

Since routine testing and maintenance also detract from availability, the power station’s engineering team sought a way to minimize it. That is when it chose to install on-line partial discharge monitoring systems from OMICRON.

Learn how these monitoring systems help Seabank Power Station avoid unnecessary downtime by indicating in advance when problems are developing.

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“Equipment breakdown and maintenance periods detract from the availability of the power station, so minimizing them is very important to us.”

(James Hill, Seabank Power Station)

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