RelaySimTest 3.00 Available

October 19, 2018

RelaySimTest is a software solution for system-based protection testing with OMICRON test equipment that takes a novel, future-oriented approach: the test is independent of relay type and relay manufacturer and the often very extensive parameter settings. Instead, it completely focuses on the correct behavior of the protection system. This is made possible by simulating realistic events in the power system.

Testing IEC 61850 protection systems

The primary focus in the development of version 3.00 was on testing protection systems in digital substations with IEC 61850 communication. While this was already feasible with the Test Universe GOOSE Configuration and Sampled Value Configuration modules, it has been integrated directly into RelaySimTest – the result is the most user-friendly, secure solution for digital protection testing.

A short excerpt of the improvements in RelaySimTest 3.00:

  • Testing IEC 61850 protection systems
    Simulating switch control units, merging units, and other IEDs
    Subscribing to GOOSEs without virtual binary inputs
    Simulating four Sampled Value streams per CMC
    Safe execution that prevents misoperations
    GOOSE supervision (sniffing)
  • End-to-end testing without remote connection
  • Synchronizing local test sets without CMGPS 588
  • A more comprehensive test report

You can download the new software version in our Customer Portal (for registered users). Please find detailed information about the latest software version in the What’s New document.

Go to the Customer Portal

“Version 3.00 expands the application range of RelaySimTest to include the IEC 61850 world. The unique test software makes working in digital protection systems not only user-friendly, but also safe.”

Christopher Pritchard, product manager for RelaySimTest

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