RelaySimTest 4.00 - Small-sized Interactive System Simulation

November 30, 2021

RelaySimTest is a software solution for system-based protection testing with OMICRON test equipment. The test approach is independent of relay type, manufacturer, and parameter settings. Instead, RelaySimTest completely focuses on the correct behavior of the protection system by simulating realistic power system events.

Interactive System Simulation

The latest version of RelaySimTest introduces the functionality of Interactive System Simulation (No additional license required; a test set with NET-2 interface is needed). Like the Test Universe module QuickCMC the Interactive System Simulation can continuously output the current state of the power system simulation. 

Potential applications:

  • Wiring, metering, and functional checks especially in setups with multiple test sets.
  • Training facilities where technicians are trained to operate IEDs under realistic system conditions
  • Testing of long running restoration schemes
  • Providing realistic system conditions for resilience testing of PAC systems under cyber attacks

Infeed Step and Ramp Events

Beside other new features and improvements RelaySimTest 4.00 enables ramp or step up/down the voltage of an infeed. In future releases, we will add further step and ramp events for frequency and phase angle, which then can be used for example for ROCOF protection scheme testing.

Potential applications:

  • Triggering overexcitation on transformers (advanced transformer license required)
  • Testing over- and undervoltage protection schemes

Check out the "WHAT’S NEW" document715 kB about more improvements and detailed information.

You can download the new software version from the product page or the Customer Portal (for registered users).


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