RelaySimTest V2.10 Available

October 10, 2017

RelaySimTest is a software solution for OMICRON test sets that simplifies complex protection scheme testing. Its innovative approach validates the correct operation of the entire protection system by simulating realistic power system events. In addition to common tests, RelaySimTest also reveals settings, logic and design errors in the scheme. This paves the way for improved testing quality and time saving testing procedures.

The new 2.10 version of the RelaySimTest software offers various new features and improvements:


  • CMC 430 support
  • Disconnector simulation for busbar testing
  • Support for ISIO 200 as binary input/output extension
  • New power system elements
    - Three-winding transformer
    - Tap changer (to test the protection of voltage-regulating and phase-shifting transformers)
  • More Measurements

Please find more information about RelaySimTest on the product page. You can download the new software version from the Customer Portal.

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