Smart Power Transformer Maintenance: Get the Whole Picture

June 23, 2017

Growing energy demand, increasing distributed generation and an aging asset infrastructure are all part of the major challenges facing electric utilities today. Asset and maintenance managers need to ensure the reliability of their assets in an environment which is experiencing increasing cost pressure. Since power transformers are among the most critical and cost intensive components in electric energy networks, life-cycle management programs are becoming more and more common.

DGA and power/dissipation factor tests are the most common tests to evaluate the condition of a power transformer. Additionally, you can use a variety of other electrical test methods to diagnose different problems within the power transformer. Each type of test gives you another piece of information about the overall status of your power transformer.

So, in order to have a picture that is as complete as possible, you need to find a way to make these pieces fit together. In the past this was often only possible by transferring data manually from the individual test devices to one common file. Comparisons and reports also had to be prepared manually.

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“One software for all common chemical, electrical and dielectric diagnostic tests on power transformers.”

(Martin Pfanner, product manager of PTM)

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