Spot On! - For Your Safety

October 29, 2020

It's a good feeling to do everything for a safe working environment

Working in the field of high voltage is always associated with risks. Of course, physical aids such as barriers, safety switches as well as safety clothing in accordance with regulations minimize the potential risk. Training, well-thought-out user manuals or user-friendly device applications are like indispensable insulators in the everyday life of testers for electrical systems. The most important and usually most unpredictable factor is the personal responsibility.  Everything we develop in terms of safety is assistance which points out potential dangers, but the user, the person behind, is responsible.

Safety per design

Basically, our goal is to implement the highest possible safety level in all our devices. In addition, we offer safety accessories such as the SAA2 safety lights. The strategy behind this is hidden in the statement: „Safety per Design“. The meaning is clear and simple – the planning of the safety concept of each of our devices starts with the hour of their creation. The best workflow for our customers is also prioritized in order to offer the user a high level of safety. The advantages are obvious: high protection paired with functional design and precise test results.

Knowledge sharing for your safety

With targeted knowledge sharing, we inform our customers. Each of our devices is provided with detailed documentation regarding handling, clearly legible writing and often in the national language. Comprehensible operating instructions as well as "how to" videos, the reference to the classic safety rules, and specialized training from the OMICRON Academy, are further efforts to draw attention to possible dangers. These measures are an important part of safety prevention and crucial tools for the user.



Safety applications in the test field 

Frequent rewiring, sparse physical barriers of the risk area, inadequate acoustic and visual signals as well as discharge effects we encounter every day in the area of testing. For this we offer versatile solutions in our product portfolio such as visual warning lamps (SAA2), acoustic warning signals (SAA1), three-position-switches (SAA3) or surge arrester boxes (CP GB1). But as already mentioned at the beginning, a major uncertainty factor is the inattention caused by habit, distraction or stress. These aspects always concern the test engineer, the person behind. My recommendation – firstly separate the dangerous area from the safe area in the clearest way. Secondly make use of both, visual and acoustic warning signals to draw attention to the hazard caused by the test equipment.

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